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Esplanade Lake Club in Fort Myers – Kaitlyn Aldridge

A big part of making any community successful – particularly the kind of community that thrives in Southwest Florida – is the extent to which the commuinty has budgeted for, is actively engaged in, and recruited the right people to CREATE an actual community (of people that is). That role is often called a “lifestyle manager” or a “community manager.” It’s one of the beauties of the unique lifestyles within Southwest Florida. Because of the history of the state and the way land was initially distributed in the 19th and 20th centuries, many areas had to effectively build themselves from the ground up using only their knowledge, resources, and working together with their neighbors.

These days, centrally planned communities like Esplanade Lake Club in Fort Myers, have taken these duties on from day-1 and plan ahead to ensure that, not only will the community have all of the latest utilities and resources that any city or municipality has – but they plan ahead to ensure that there is a position within the home owners association or community club that is specifically responsible for throwing and coordinating events and bringing members together.

At Esplanade Lake Club – Your Lifestyle Team (the team that oversees all activities) would like to introduce Kaitlyn Aldridge as your Esplanade Lake Club, Lifestyle Manager.

Get ready to meet your new Lifestyle Manager, Kaitlyn! Her mission? To make sure each and every one of you feels right at home with the best Lifestyle Program tailored just for your community. Since you’ll be spending plenty of time together, let’s dive into Kaitlyn’s background for a closer look at your newest team member.

Originally from Merrimack, New Hampshire, Kaitlyn has called Naples home for the past 13 years, sharing her life with her family and two furry companions. She crossed paths with her husband, Mike, during their teenage years while working together as camp counselors at a local park. Recently, they joyfully welcomed their first child into the world.

When she’s not busy enriching community life, Kaitlyn savors precious moments with her family, especially her little one. She also indulges in the simple pleasures of reading, movie nights, and retail therapy.

With over 6 years of experience in Lifestyle and Event Planning, including three years at another Esplanade Property in Southwest Florida, Kaitlyn brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Resort Hospitality Management with a concentration in Event Planning, she’s poised to infuse Esplanade Lake Club with her unique flair and a diverse array of engaging activities.

“I’m thrilled to sprinkle some extra joy into your lives here at Esplanade Lake Club!” – Kaitlyn Aldridge, Lifestyle Manager.

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