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Strange News at Esplanade Lake Club in Fort Myers

In doing some research on the latest happenings at Esplanade Lake Club in Fort Myers we stumbled upon this story on NBC-2 and Fox-4 News by way of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

In late August of last year some former residents of Esplanade Lake Club in Fort Myers experienced the power of swift justice as the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) orchestrates a decisive drug bust within the gated Fort Myers community – Esplanade Lake Club.

After a meticulous month-long investigation, LCSO’s swift action led to the arrest of four individuals.

Following a crucial tip received last month, LCSO honed in on suspicious activities at 11841 Canal Grande Drive. An anonymous informant reported multiple unfamiliar individuals frequenting the premises, arriving on foot or in various vehicles. Moreover, the caller stumbled upon incriminating evidence, spotting baggies littering the yard and overheard Stephan Marsala, the homeowner, boasting about having an “8 ball ready.”

Upon further investigation, LCSO detectives uncovered additional suspicious behavior, with numerous unidentified vehicles observed traversing to and from the residence. Evidence of narcotics paraphernalia strewn outside the property further fueled the investigation.

The decisive action culminated in two tactical traffic stops that ultimately led authorities to the residence on Canal Grande Drive. Despite the property’s considerable value, assessed at $121,800.00 for the land alone and sold to Stephen Marsala for $515,539.00, no stone was left unturned in the pursuit of justice.

The arrest of four individuals, including the homeowner Stephen Marsala, Steven Rogers Jr., Joseph Nitzsche, and Michael Ryan, signifies LCSO’s unwavering commitment to combating drug-related offenses.

Each now faces felony drug charges, underscoring the severity of their alleged actions.

Obviously this kind of activity and behavior is abhorrent everywhere and anywhere, but particularly in an upscale gated neighborhood like Esplanade Lake Club. We’re thankful to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office for acting swiftly to eliminate this from the community and the larger Lee County community.

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